Skin bleaching has been subtly injected into the entertainment sphere as most female celebrities have over the years been accused of toning their skin to attract men for favours among others.

In an interview with Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, she admittedly said she bleached her skin for movie roles in Nigeria.

According to her, she left the country to continue her acting career in Nigeria circa 2013 but was denied so many times due to her dark skin colour.

She revealed that she had no alternative than to bleach her skin by going for injections so producers would accept her.

“I bleached for two reasons. I was dark so I wasn’t getting roles in Nigeria. All the roles were for fair girls and a lady told me that I should tone my skin. So I started in Nigeria and it went well,” she told Delay.

Another reason, she disclosed for bleaching was to make her attractive for her ex-boyfriend who loves women who are fair in complexion.

“My second reason is my ex-boyfriend who didn’t like dark skin girls. The injection comes in many forms but are very expensive. Some are about £2000 to £2500 Pounds and it’s far better than using creams,” she said.