Jurgen Klopp has called for stadium bans for fans who engage in racist chanting.

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah was the target of an alleged racist chant by several supporters this week ahead of Chelsea’s Europa League game against Slavia Prague in the Czech Republic.

A video circulated on social media before Thursday’s match, which appeared to show several supporters singing ‘Salah is a bomber’, apparently in reference to the Egyptian forward.

Three supporters were denied entry into the Sinobo Stadium after being identified by the Metropolitan Police, with help from Chelsea’s security staff.

Chelsea vowed to take “the strongest possible action” if there is “clear evidence of Chelsea season ticket holders or members involved in such behaviour”, while Liverpool described “vile discriminatory chants being aimed at one of our players” as “dangerous and disturbing”.

Klopp believes the football community need to band together to combat the problem of racism.

“We should not deal with it like it is [just] a Chelsea case. It is an issue which we have in this moment in the world out there, everywhere,” Klopp told Sky Sports News.

“[There is] absolutely too much of it, too many moments when it happens. We have spoken about all these things in the last couple of weeks. This is now another sign.

“The only thing I can say is that we really just have to make sure that these people get punished in the right way.

“Obviously for football supporters, they should not be allowed to watch a football game in the stadium again, just to make it clear.

“I watched the video, and you think ‘why are you doing something like that?’.

“I really was happy that three of them at least were found immediately, just to make clear the football community sticks together in this moment.

“It is not about [singling out Chelsea] because we have had our problems in the past, and in the future it will be other clubs having similar things – hopefully not, that would be the best case – but the best way to deal with it is to punish these guys.

“We cannot sort everything, but we can make sure they don’t watch football anymore in the stadium. That is my favourite solution.”