One more Individual arrested over Tiger Eye PI Journalist death

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Ahmed Hussein-Saule, an investigative Journalist with the Tiger Eye PI, was shot on his way home at January 16. “This morning we had information that the suspect called a Policeman The latest arrest brings to 2, the number of suspects that were arrested by the police over the killing. Acting Greater Accra Region Police Commander That he’s obtained advice that the Accra Regional Police Control is searching for him in connection with the death of Suale and that he would like the policeman so the Accra Regional Police will stop pursuing him to help him.

Company, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, TigerEye PI. Police say one more person was arrested over the murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, an undercover journalist. Told Accra-based Citi FM that Abdul Rasheed had tried to bribe law enforcement.

Some amount of cash to donate to the police officers who are searching for him. So we asked our men to organize the policeman he will call. He moved and laid back at West Hills Theater and if he arrived we got him arrested.

The Police administration earlier suggested that it has interrogated 13 suspects in connection with the murder of a journalist with

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