Two to be hang for murdering Ex-policeman

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Twenty years later murdering an ex-policeman about the pretext of assisting his money to double, killers have been sentenced to death by hanging.

Both convicts, Ebenezer Tei (aka Rastaman) and Felix Okpanye, these two fishermen were sent by Criminal Division of Accra High Court to the gallows.

The officer was beheaded by Both, Emmanuel Appiah Kubi and the body dumped in Lake near Akosombo in Old Marine.

They pleaded not Guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and murder prior to the court, Presided over by Mr Justice Lawrence Mensah Appeal as a High Court judge with obligation.

A jury found them guilty and returned a guilty verdict.

Throughout The trial, the prosecution called five witnesses to prove its own case, Without calling any witnesses, While the accused defended themselves.

Money doubling & murder

The truth, according to the prosecution, were the Kubi was disregarded for misconduct by the Ghana Police Service in 2006.

After His dad, his dismissal gave him GHpennies 4,000 to begin a company Kubi gave the cash a fetish priest, Famous Yevugah along with Okpanye, Who promised to double it.

The three, however, failed to double the cash for Kubi, forcing him to mount pressure on them to repay his money.

Rather Of the money, Kubi was enticed by the three to socialize into Old Marine To receive his money doubled.

The three taught him to synthesize a few incantations, but Yevugah struck him and beheaded him, as he had been doing this.

They place the body in a kayak and retained the head.

Luck, Eluded at and the three if the canoe capsized the procedure Drowned. Okpanye and tei managed To float to safety.


To Burkina Faso, Tei fled Following the Episode, However, Okpanye went to the Akosombo District Police reported that while travelling to and Control Kotoku Korpe with the ship capsized his brothers and among those brothers drowned.

The authorities took Okpanye to the bank of this lake Together with some sailors, to look for Okpanye’s deceased’s entire body Brother, but on reaching the spot, they found blood all over the area.

The Police suspected foul play but waited patiently for the entire body to be Recovered from the lake after four hours of search, the headless Body was finally found.
The police’s feeling increased, causing the arrest of Okpanye.

Upon Interrogation, he confessed to the police that he, Tei and Yevugah had Been approached with the ex-policeman to assist his money to double.

Okpanye Further said they informed the ex-policeman they knew a fetish priest In a village throughout the river that could do that for him so they Decided to take him there.

However, on reaching the banks of the Lake, Tei killed Kubi and Yevugah, tied his legs, arms and the stomach With huge stones and dumped him.
Investigations later resulted in the arrest of Tei.

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